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Shell Aviation Cards help page
This page will help you to get the best out of the Shell Aviation Cards website. We have done our best to make the navigation and functionality as easy to use and understand as possible, but the following points may help:
We suggest you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above to view this site. Some advanced features may only be available to users with more recent (version 6) browsers. If you would like to update your browser, you can download a new version by following the Microsoft link below.
Using the links and menus in the navigation bar on the left of your browser window, you can move quickly and easily to other parts of the site.
User Modes
There are three modes possible for a user - Insert, Update, Query. The buttons on the top right of each canvas show which mode you are currently using for that canvas. Multiple buttons will be displayed if multiple mode settings are available. Insert mode allows the user to submit new data. Update mode allows the users to modify existing data. Query mode allows the user to search for existing data.
Data Submission
Submit and Clear buttons are available at the bottom right of each canvas. After the appropriate data has been provided to insert, update, or query press Submit to commit the data entered. The Clear button should be used to clear all fields on a canvas. Default data and user entered data will be cleared.
Search Results
All data queries will return a Search Results canvas listing the data which meets the search criteria submitted. The Search Results will list the number of items and state how many of these are currently shown in the display. If there are multiple items listed in the search results, the item which is highlighted will be displayed in detail in the original canvas. To display the details of another item in the list you may choose the select icon on the left hand side of the item. To move to forward or backward in the list of results, use the arrows to choose the next/previous page or the first/last page.
File Formats
Some of the data on this site is available in .pdf or in .csv. If you would like to view or print a .pdf file and do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you may install by following the Adobe link below.

Internet Exporer

Adobe Acrobat
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